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Booked for 2 nights while in Birmingham on business. When I checked in I paid for two nights as is customary. After settling in to our site, we were advised that one of the power stands on our row had "burn up" and that power would be off for up to 5 hours starting at 9:00 am. I questioned why we were on that row but was told we would be ok. The next day we were told to unplug at 9 as that was when the electrician was supposed to come but they weren't sure.
I decided I did not want to stay the second day as my wife is sitting there with no power. I went to the office to cancel the second night and was told they could not refund my money. All they could do was a rain check. I told them I would not be back and I was on company business and insisted on a refund. I asked to speak to the owner only to be told she was on vacation and not taking calls. I told the manager I wanted the credit issued to my card but she finally gave me cash back.
As I was leaving the office I heard her tell someone to put me on some type of list. I thought about this and went back to inquire and was told I was banned from ever staying there again. First, I would camp at every Walmart in america before I would even consider coming back to this less than stellar park. Secondly, I told her to put my name down twice just to make sure.
I now have to question Good Sam's rating because there is nothing that warrants this place to be over a 5.
Good luck if you stay there.
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