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Stephen Anthony
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Barnyard RV Park

Lexington, SC

Date of Stay: April, 2016
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This was my first stay at a Good Sams RV park.
Upon arrival of the woman was very courteous, and helpful to show me to my site.
After about an hour A gentleman on a lawn mower running around at full throttle making nothing but dust and blowing grass everywhere. Came past my fifth wheel. I have a 2015 Alpine by Keystone and a 2015 Ford F350.
Any one who has been around me camping: Can see I take very meticulous care my equipment.
I politely asked the gentleman to throttle it Down so it was not blowing so much dirt and grass all over everything.
His replie to me this Is how we do it here. ( not having any consideration for anybody's equipment ).
At that I approach the office and had ask the woman if she could do something about how the gentleman was running his lawnmower and at that she told me she would see what she could.

That night and for three consecutive nights we're many young men and women in the trailer behind me having parties every night. Followed by the next two days of the people they brought in to the campground with their dogs being unruly.
I was here for a one weeks stay. I again went to the office and ask them politely if they could move my trailer so I wouldn't have to put up with the noise and the barking dogs.
Upon which this was a different woman who answered me in a ignorant tone of voice I have to deal with it!
In that she would not move my trailer when there were plenty of sites to move to at that time in the morning. Upon this Conversation not being argumentative I walked back to my trailer put everything away hooked up to my truck and left the campground.
Before I left her office I was advised that I would not have my money returned.
And apparently I just would have to deal with the problem at the campground.
In my three years camping this has been one of the worst experiences at a campground that I've had to deal with. Especially the fact that I cannot get my money back. And I was having to deal with their problem. I hope this information helps the next person considering to go to this campground especially if you care for your equipment and your peace of mind the way I do. A very unhappy new Good Sam's camper.
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