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Jolly Roger RV Resort

Marathon, FL

Date of Stay: October, 2015
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Had a bad experience this time around. Stayed her twice before but probably won't again. Four campers FULL of kids near us, parents didn't care what they did, ran around screaming day and night. Throwing fish nets in the "no fishing" area, taking all the lobsters out of the snorkel/swim area. You would think that in October these kids would be in school!
The worst part was the Management of the campground didn't care either, we notified the office but nothing was done!
I had to pay a deposit for my dog and if I didn't follow the rules could be thrown out, but apparently no such rules for wild kids.
We left three days early, couldn't take it anymore. I emailed the management when I got home and got a "Gee, we're sorry, hope to see you again soon" email back! A refund of our money for 4 days of aggravation would be more appropriate!
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