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Cape Cod Campresort & Cabins

East Falmouth, MA

Date of Stay: September, 2015
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I made our reservations early June for a cabin and was told they were wide open and we could have a premium cabin with a lake view. Our 1st cabin looked nothing like the pictures you see on the website. Upon arrival we were very disappointed as the lake could only be seen it you were down by the fire pit. The cabin was very old & dark. It was impossible to read a book sitting in the living room at night. The mattress must have been the original as neither of us could get a good nights sleep on it.
We ask if we could be moved to another cabin, but because of Labor Day week-end they were full. We were informed then that they were going to replace the cabin we were in and the one next to it because they were so old.
They did move us on Tuesday to a nicer cabin. Unfortunately, late Wednesday we received a call that my Mother was hospitalized in serious condition and we better come home. We checked out early Thursday morning, but we we were immediately informed that they would not be able to refund our money. We flew home on Thursday and luckily made it back to be with my Mom who passed away on Friday evening. There was no concern or I'm sorry about your Mom - the only comment that was made was that we can't refund your money!! The office staff was very cold and uncaring, only worried about the bottom line. I WILL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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