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Santa Fe Skies RV Park

Santa Fe, NM

Date of Stay: September, 2015
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Positives: This RV Park is located on a hilltop setting on the south edge of Santa Fe and close to Hwy 14 and Interstate 25. This is a busy park with lots of rigs pulling in and out each day, but still has a quiet atmosphere with a good visibility of the New Mexican countryside. The Office area is generally central to the park and has co-located toilets, showers, laundry, and club house. All are in very good condition. Many lots are pull thru and most have a nice patio area. A number of sites also have trees. Sunsets were often lovely from the Park’s hilltop location. The office has a weekly newsletter which is informative on happenings in the Santa Fe area.

Negatives: This RV Park is expensive, ‘in the writer’s opinion’. One month from early Sept to early Oct, during the start of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, was over $700, though this did include electricity. Further south in New Mexico you one RV Park provides indoor swimming pool, hot tub, private shower rooms, pickleball, and a number of social functions, etc. for under $300, so I assume the Santa Fe location is everything. The wireless Internet service at Santa Fe Skies was terrible. My wife and I spent a lot of time each day re-entering passwords and waiting for the wireless connection to reestablish only to get disconnected again and again, always falling back to 3G which used up our phones’ Internet download monthly limit. Staff understood and offered a wireless booster, which made only a 5-10% improvement occasionally. The wireless broadcast antenna for our area of the Park was connected to a site’s electric box and got turned off often as rigs were puled in and out of this site. Once this information was divulged, I went over and put duct tape over the wireless antenna's breaker to stop this from continuing. The only reliable wireless was at the Office block. The whole experience was very frustrating and very disappointing. They said they could make improvements in the wireless signal in our area of the park, but don't know if or when this will be followed through. The Club House was seldom used and the event newsletter often didn’t list the few events that did go on.

Conclusion – would we good back? No – due to the high price, lack of facilities, and poor wireless service.
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