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Coeur d'Alene RV Resort

Post Falls, ID

Date of Stay: June, 2015
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With GS discount charged over $46 for a back-in 30 amp site. Was told at check-in that prices had gone up from the listed Good Sam Guide. A couple hours later noticed a lower price posted on the office door. Told that there is a $3 per dog per night charge which they have had for 14 years- never told this at check-in and GS guide does not list this either. We were told they charge this to pay people to clean up. The spaces are narrow- not more than a foot wider than motor home. The grass where we walk our dogs is 6 inches high. When asked told that the grass grows fast this time of year. WiFi is unusable. The network access name does not always appear as available and then if it does the connection to the internet is slow and unreliable. Cannot imagine how this campground is rated as high as it is. We will not return. At the prices they charge for a small 30 amp site without a reliable wifi system, this is certainly NOT a RV resort.
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