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Sanctuary RV Resort

Bonita Springs, FL

Date of Stay: December, 2015
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We stayed at Sanctuary RV Resort from 12/23/2015 thru 01/07/2016.
This is an older RV park that has been converted to a modern state of the art facility. The pool area is beautiful. Sites are level and clean.
Grocery shopping (Publix, Fresh Market & Winn Dixie) are close along with farmer markets. Beaches are within 10 minute drives.
Separate play areas for small, medium and large dogs. The areas will eventually be completely fenced in.
WiFi is spotty but is being upgraded as of this review to allow video streaming. Not all sites have cable TV. Inquire about this service when you make your reservation.
Staff is very courteous and helpful. They take great pride in what they have accomplished here.
Great modern clubhouse with dining.
If you are coming to the RV park from I-75, you have to go past the park entrance and make a U-turn. Be careful because there is no dedicated left turn lane to perform this maneuver at this time. Use your turn signals well in advance and slow to 20 mph well before you perform the U-turn!!!!
We will definitely come back again!
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