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Date of Stay: July, 2015
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THIS CAMOGROUND SHOULD NOT BE LISTED AS A GOOD SAMS are deceiving on website..we were shocked to see the campgrounds..the women's bathroom was nasty...I don thInk the comodes had evet been cleaned..showers had wads of hair in dreassing area of shower..our campsite was out in the open sun....eventho there were
sites in the shade open and requestwd shade lot......the so called fish and release ponds were a
joke....more like a Seth pool and gator
infested ponds.. grass uncut. .the
pools....we're ok...not kept as clean as
they could have been....several chairs under shade were broken....the whole campground looked way tired and run down ...the
beach area....was nothing like the
website site was..the only good thing was that the employees were very very
nice...the laundry r[m was ok..good machines.
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