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Steve from NM
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Date of Stay: September, 2017
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Could tell this was once a good place to stay. Rest rooms old, (over rated), difficult to see how well cleaned due to age and condition. Cable TV had not one clear, usable channel; even tried connecting to adjacent site. WiFi is weak and just usable. Works for an over-night stay.
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Sunday, September 24, 2017
Response from Oak Creek Campground
Thank you for your feedback. The ladies room is slated to be remodeled this fall, in just the next few months. It was redone in the last 5 but the flooring has discolored badly and is being redone again. This takes away alot from the appearance of the room. The bathrooms I assure you are clean, they are cleaned daily noon to 1 and spot checked after. Our cable works at all of our overnight spaces unless an end is bad or a booster is unplugged. If you tried multiple sites it is possible your power antenna booster was on and cancelled out the cable signal. This is a common issue in many parks and often overlooked by rv'ers. We will check out cable as we do each week to make sure that it is still operational. We hope to add more channels as they become available to us from our provider. The same with wifi, our local provider only has 5 mb lines for us in our rural area. This if you know about wifi is not much for bandwidth and is easily taken over by streaming video or games. We have 5 lines running into the park to try to keep up but with todays devices it is a hard battle. Happy camping and safe travels.
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