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Date of Stay: June, 2017
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My family has a seasonal RV site and since the new owners took over the prices have significantly increased. The campground is right next to I-76 and you can hear cars and trucks fly by ALL NIGHT. The bathrooms are ok but could use plenty of renovations. The owners try to charge you for Every. Single. Thing. they can think of. They call and text you while you're at home to tell you that you need to scrub your camper because it's not clean enough, or you need to mow the lawn (a very small patch of grass at their campground!), or that you have too much stuff on your campsite. And you have by the end of that week to come and do it or they do it for you and charge you for it. $20 to mow the lawn (twice a month), $200 to wash your camper, and if they think you have too much stuff outside they want you to buy a storage shed (restricted to cabinets about 3 ft wide x 3 ft deep x 7 ft tall) and then charge you $50 to keep it on your site. $2000 for the seasonal pass (electric not included). The plus side is that there are a lot of recreational areas and planned activities here. So all in all its great if you're just staying every now and then, but not so much for a long durations.
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