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Mary Richards
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Date of Stay: August, 2016
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The area outside of the RV park is very bad. There are economy motels next door and a trashy mobile home park on the other side. Trash and dumped furniture and tires are all along Lincoln St. The convenience store has constant traffic and litter. Lots of homeless under the overpass by the park entrance. The showers are moldy with cracked and missing tile. One washer and one dryer do not work in the laundry room and the other 3 dryers were not running but full of clothes. The laundry room is used by the mobile home park next door. There were gun shots 2 different nights coming from the residential area behind the park. The office staff are kind and capable but nobody enforces the rules they have. There are many ancient rvs that have been there a long time with stuff all over place. I don't know why they charge so much for this park. You also have to pay a toll to get into Vallejo.
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