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Twin Creek RV Resort

Gatlinburg, TN

Date of Stay: June, 2016
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I was very disappointed when I call for reservations asked for a pull thru and I told them I had a motorhome 35ft.and a tow dolly pulling a mini van, they said fine that I could have one, well when we get here they tell us we have to take off the tow dolly and they would put it some where and when we were ready to leave they would bring it out for us, I told her we didn't want to do that because we are senior and that is why I asked for a pull thru, she said you should have told me that and I would have said we don't have any pull thru that you can leave a tow dolly on they have the first camper pull in and that is what they call a pull thru, and the next camper back in. Then she said that we could leave the tow dolly on if we wanted to pay for two sites, I told her we don't have that kind of money, so they charged us 10.00 a day extra for the other site, It was a different site then we were going to be getting, when we get there we pull thru the site was suppose to be for two campers, our front was just about on the road and with the dolly hooked up we could harley get our van behind the tow dolly, if that was not enough everything at the campground was so over priced, we washed two loads of cloths in there laundry and it costs us 13.50 just to wash and dry, while doing laundry my husband wanted a pack of cheese crackers and 1.50 a 6pk. come on now at most they are 1.00. They have signs everywhere don't do this and don't do that, you can't even move a rocking chair on the porch they have a sign. We were very disappointed .I would like to say something nice about the campground because I am not some one that just complains .
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