Raleigh, North Carolina

  Raleigh is the 43rd largest city in the country, the second largest city in North Carolina and North Carolina’s State Capital. It is also the County Seat of Wake County. Raleigh, often referred to as “The City of Oaks” was named for Sir Walter Raleigh who was the original sponsor of the colony of Roanoke. The colony is remembered as the “Lost Colony” and is commemorated at Fort Raleigh National Historical Site on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

Raleigh was a planned city, laid out in 1788 to specifically serve as the State Capital and County Seat of the newly charted Wade County. Its location was determined to insure an easy journey to Isaac Hunters Tavern, where many state legislators enjoyed their leisure. The city was completed and governing activities began in 1792. The new General Assembly granted the city its first charter in 1794.

When the Civil War began, the Governor ordered the construction of breastworks around the city. The city was eventually captured by the Union Army in 1865. Though the city suffered little damage during its short occupation by Northern forces, the overall effect of the South’s loss coupled with the costs of reconstruction took a huge toll on its economic growth. It would be decades before the city began to rebound.

Today, Raleigh is defined with several geographic areas. These areas fall within two categories, the Inner Beltline and the Outer Beltline. The Inner Beltline is made up of many historic neighborhoods and structures and includes the Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel, the Fayetteville Street business district and Cameron Village business district.

The Outer Beltline consists of Midtown Raleigh, Uptown Raleigh, East Raleigh, West Raleigh, North Raleigh, South Raleigh and Southeast Raleigh. When seeking directions during your RV Travels to the Raleigh area, locals will often refer to the section where your location will be found.

A Raleigh Good Sam Club with outstanding Camping Discounts for members can be found in two of the aforementioned districts.

The North Carolina Museum of Art is a highly acclaimed facility that houses the largest collection of fine art between Washington DC and Atlanta, Georgia. It also hosts major exhibitions by noted masters like Claude Monet and Auguste Rodin. The museum welcomes over 200,000 visitors annually and features a wonderful outdoor park with one of the largest collections of outdoor art in the country.

Raleigh is very proud of its dedication to the arts and features many galleries in various locations around the city.

Raleigh is home to several professional performing arts groups including the North Carolina Symphony, the Burning Coal Theater Company, Broadway Series South, the Opera Company of North Carolina and the Carolina Ballet.

For a taste of the South with outstanding culture and amazing history, make Raleigh your choice for your next RV Travel outing.