Charleston, South Carolina

  By Ron Souza

Charleston is the County Seat of Charleston County and the oldest city in the State of South Carolina. Because of the many church steeples that dot the skyline, it has been known for many years as “The Holy City”. Charleston lies on the South Carolina Coast, almost midway between the State’s northern and southern borders. Only Charleston Harbor separates the city from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. In 1995, Charleston was proclaimed as the “Best Mannered” city in the country, by social etiquette specialist, Marjabelle Stewart.

The original settlement of Charles Towne, named for King Charles II of England, was erected in 1670 and became known as Charleston in 1783. Early records indicate that in 1690, Charles Towne was the fifth largest city in North America. Early settlers were constantly defending the city from attacks by both Spain and France, who frequently disputed England’s claim to the territory. Pirates and local natives also caused trouble for early Charleston citizens.

18th Century trade agreements with the both the Cherokee and Creek Nations resulted in the acquisition of an abundance of deerskin for exportation. This resulted in Charleston becoming a world leader in this product. By the mid-1700s, Charleston had developed into a major hub for Atlantic trade and had risen to become the wealthiest city south of Philadelphia. By 1770, only the shipping ports of Boston, New York and Philadelphia handled more tonnage.

The city has seen major redevelopment during the past thirty years with reinvestment in a number of municipal improvements and a deep commitment to historic preservation. RV Travel to the Charleston area will provide an exciting adventure in a major city that has a history dating back hundreds of years to the early 17th century.

Charleston is extremely proud to host the annual Spoleto Festival USA. The 17 day festival is a tribute to all performing arts and features over 100 performances in a wide variety of artistic disciplines at an assortment of outstanding venues. The Spoleto is recognized throughout the world as America’s premier performing arts festival.

There are several other annual events that are unique to Charleston. They include the Cooper River Bridge Run, the MOJA Arts Festival and Charleston’s own Fashion Week. A Good Sam Club RV Park with great Camping Discounts for members can serve as your home base while attending any or all of Charleston’s outstanding events.

The Charleston area features a wealth of outstanding museums, historical sites and family attractions. They include America’s first theater, the Dock Street Theater, the pre-Revolutionary War Exchange and Provost, the Powder Magazine, Gibbs Museum of Art, South Carolina’s Historical Society’s Fireproof Building, the Charleston Museum and the Market Hall and Sheds.

RV Travel to Charleston will take you back to a time when our country was in its early stages development. Explore the many historical sites during the daylight hours, enjoy the city’s fine dining and then spend a restful evening in the peacefulness and comfort of your own personal rig. What more could one ask for.

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