Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology is a “must see” when camping in Washington


Visit the CREHST museum in Richland, Washington

The Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology (CREHST) tells the history of the Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Pasco, Richland) region from the perspective of the Columbia River’s influence on development and everyday lives. Plan for the CREHST museum to be one of your stops while RV camping in Washington state

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The museum showcases Hanford’s role in the historic Manhattan Project. Exhibits detail the build-up to World War II; the overnight construction of Camp Hanford; and the super-secret development of plutonium at the world’s first nuclear reactor, now listed on the national Historic Register and acclaimed as an engineering and architectural landmark.

In 1943 when the federal government broke ground for World War IIs Manhattan Project, there were only about 6,700 people living in this area. A year later, Hanford was home to 51,000 people. By 1944 Camp Hanford grew to the world’s largest trailer camp with 2600 travel trailers, each measuring a mere 8 feet by 25 feet of living space.  This is proof that RV travel in Washington state has been a popular means of travel throughout history.

The museum has interactive displays for children and adults including robotic arms and Geiger counters. Other displays include an American Indian exhibit; Mighty Spud – an animated agricultural display; a “Camp Hanford” exhibit featuring the tiny trailers that were home to “boomers” during the war effort; ice-age floods and the geologic formation of the Columbia Basin; and Alphabet Houses that are unique to Richland.

This museum creates a learning environment for families regarding the geology, culture and history of the Columbia Basin. The CREHST Museum is located at 95 Lee Blvd. in Richland, WA. For more information, visit or call 509.943.9000.

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