Explore a piece of American history while camping in Rhode Island


Wickford Village, Rhode Island

Next time you’re RV camping in Rhode Island, don’t forget to go to Wickford Village.  Wickford’s charming village atmosphere and old-fashioned Brown Street belies its vibrant 21st century liveliness. RV parks in Rhode Island are conveniently located throughout the state, making your travel to Wickford much easier.

In 1637, a year after his arrival in Rhode Island, Roger Williams established a trading post and, in 1643, a permanent house in the Wickford area. Since then, thrifty residents and town preservationists saved the historic, elegant, Colonial and Federalist buildings, including churches. Stroll along Main Street, shaded by stately trees, heading to picturesque Wickford Harbor to see them. In the harbor, hundreds of bobbing boats, commercial to recreational create a fascinating scene. The Hussey Bridge offers a good vantage point to look at the yachts, cruisers, kayaks, dinghies and rowboats in the harbor.

The William Hammond House, 1798, is on the National Historic Register of Historic Places. The Old Narragansett Church and Chapel, set back on a wide, green lawn, dates from 1707, is open to the public, July to August, Thursday to Monday. Wickford is a tling village filled with boutiques, art galleries, toy stores, clothiers, beading stores, and more. Visit all the Wickford has to offer while camping in Rhode Island.

There are many great eateries, delis and seafood markets here, too. Try Wickford Diner, on Brown Street, near Ryan’s Market when you are RV camping in Rhode Island. Waterfront Grill and Brown’s Deli outdoor patios offer terrific food, deli take-out, and places to relax and enjoy the street and harbor scenes. Wickford Gourmet Foods, 21 West Main Street, has a great cafe, coffee, gift baskets and browsing.

The Wickford Art Festival in mid-June is a huge attraction, with hundreds of arts and craft booths. Wickford is the most enjoyable on foot, but for fun you can charter the wooden schooner, Brendaris, of Wickford, for a sail. If your travels take you to Wickford this summer, enjoy your stay. To view paintings of the Wickford area, visit http://www.wickford.com/.

Camping in Rhode Island

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