Take an unforgettable trip to the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge while camping in Louisiana


The Sabine National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana
Have you ever dreamed of walking among alligators? I have. Recently, my dream came true when my husband Mike and I walked the Marsh Trail at the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, located off Highway 27, about 25 miles south of Interstate 10. It was a windy day in southwest Louisiana, yet we spent hours walking the 1.5-mile trail at a leisurely pace, sitting on occasion to watch what we estimate to have been about 100 gators.

Whether you've seen alligators in the wild or at a zoo, you know they usually don't move too much. Yet the day we were there, we saw alligators of all shapes and sizes moving about, lounging on the banks and in the shallow canals. The most exciting moment was when we saw one young alligator grab a common moorhen and devour it. It was a day we won't forget.

Established in 1937, the refuge is the largest, coastal marsh refuge on the Gulf, and is located near several RV parks in Louisiana.  In addition to providing habitat for wintering and migrating waterfowl from both the Mississippi and Central Flyways, its 124,511 acres are also a major nursery area for many estuarine-dependent marine species.

The visitors center and the Marsh trail are open year-round from sunrise to sunset. As you walk the trail, you'll see wildlife typical of a Gulf Coast marsh; these include roseate spoonbills, common moorhens, nutrias, muskrats, and marsh rabbits, to name a few. For more information, contact the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge at http://sabine.fws.gov.

Camping in Louisiana
RV parks in Louisiana get you up close to Louisiana’s Outback where you can experience world-famous wildlife habitats and estuaries.  Campgrounds in Louisiana can be found sprinkled throughout Cajun Country.  If you’re looking for beauty, recreation, and wildlife, you’ll find the perfect combination while camping in Louisiana