Eastern Canada – An experience no one should miss!

  By Sue Bray

Canada, eh?
The United States' neighbor to the north only really opens its doors to RVers for a brief period of time each year due to their harsh winter weather. But when it does…it's an experience no one should miss! The gorgeous scenery, the warm and friendly people, familiar food, the quaint villages and towns, and the fact that most people speak the American version of English with just a slight but delightful accent make Canada the tops of most American RVers' favorite destinations.

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Ask an American where the capitol of Canada is and you'll probably hear Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. In actuality, it is Ottawa, located in the province of Ontario. Ontario is well known for the bustling metropolis, the sports teams, and the world trade center found in Toronto, as well as serving as the northern side of Niagara Falls. But Ottawa itself is a beautiful city and is located in a gorgeous setting. It's well known for its impressive landmarks, sites and attractions, but equally appealing is the city's natural setting amongst rivers and waterways, not to mention the beautiful gardens throughout town which come to life on those long lazy days of summer.

And you don't have to fly to London's Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard – it happens every morning during the summer on Ottawa's Parliament Hill, complete with two regiments, the Governor General's Footguards and the Canadian Grenadier Guards, along with their own band and pipers performing in the ceremony.

From Ontario, it's an easy journey to the neighboring province of Quebec. And although the drive may be easy, you're welcomed to a whole new world and a different culture when you cross the border. What many Americans don't realize is that the official language of Quebec is French, and although most residents do speak English, they prefer to speak French. And it's not just the language they embrace, it's the culture and the food as well. “Les Quebecois” (or the people from Quebec) have retained and preserved their French heritage, while also welcoming their American visitors and friends. Quebec City is located right on the St. Lawrence River, and its Quartier Petite-Champlain contains the oldest church, the oldest street, and the oldest commercial district on the North American continent.

The St. Lawrence River was actually discovered by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1535, although it is believed that the area was inhabited by native Americans prior to that time. As it is the main water thoroughfare from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, it's had an interesting history as the French and the English attempted to take control of it. Today, it's a great destination. Roads hug the banks of the river providing drivers panoramic views of a coastline that's a combination of charming fishing villages, rural areas, mountains, or just supremely wild. There are plenty of Canadian national and provincial parks along the way, giving the RVer your own destination cruise.

This route only leads to more adventures in eastern Canada – New Brunswick, the beautiful Prince Edward Island, and the attractions in Nova Scotia. As an RV owner, it's a whole new world just beyond your doorstep!

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