Good Sam Certified Warranty

60-day Limited Warranty Covering All Major Component Groups

Should a problem occur within 60 days of purchase of your Good Sam Certified Pre-Owned RV, Good Sam, in cooperation with the dealership, will repair or replace any of the hundreds of listed components (see below). Present the Declaration Page (received at point of sale) to the dealership (or any quality repair facility). The service manager will call Good Sam for authorization and payment for covered parts.

Schedule of Coverages   [MH] Motor Homes; [TT] Travel Trailers

  • CHASSIS ENGINE [MH] Engine block and/or replaceable cylinder sleeves and cylinder heads if damaged as a result of an internally lubricated part; all internally lubricated parts contained within the engine block, including, but not limited to: valves, valve springs, valve guides, valve covers; intake and exhaust manifolds; pistons; connecting rods; wrist pins; main and rod bearings; crankshaft; cam shaft; lifters, cam bearings; oil pump; oil pan; rocker arms; push rods; timing chain and gears, timing cover; flywheel; flywheel ring gear; flex plate; tensioner; vacuum pump; engine mounts; dipstick and tube; turbo and all internal parts; diesel injectors and injector pump.
  • TRANSMISSION [MH] Case if damaged as a result of an internally lubricated part; all internally lubricated parts within the transmission case including: torque converter; bands; clutches; gears; front pump; shafts; shift forks; synchronizers; vacuum modulator; shift solenoids; internal switches and sensors; transmission mounts and pan.
  • DRIVE AXLES [MH] Drive axle housing if damaged as a result of an internally lubricated part; all internally lubricated parts within the drive axle housing, including, but not limited to: axle shafts; universal joints; constant velocity joints; locking hub mechanisms; wheel bearings; drive shafts and center bearing.
  • SUSPENSION [MH] Upper and lower control arms; shafts and bushings; upper and lower ball joints; steering spindles and supports; factory-installed suspension compressor, air lines and suspension bags. [MH][TT] Leaf and coil springs; shackles and bushings and rubber suspension springs.
  • STEERING [MH] Steering gear housing and all internally lubricated parts; control valve; steering cylinder; rack and pinion; factory-installed steering stabilizer; internal steering column shafts; steering pump; main and intermediate shafts and couplings.
  • BRAKES [MH][TT] Master cylinder; wheel cylinders; calipers; metal-only hydraulic tubing and metal fittings; drums and rotors are covered when required in connection with a repair to a covered part(s) failure; [MH]hydraulic or vacuum brake booster; combination valve; ABS pressure modulator, accumulator. Air brake components include: compressor; lines; treadle valve; compensating valve; actuator and diaphragm and slack adjusters.
  • CHASSIS AIR CONDITIONING [MH] Compressor; compressor clutch; clutch bearing; receiver dryer; accumulator; condenser; idler pulley; field coil; evaporator; blower fan and motor; high/low cut-off switches and pressure hose assemblies; refrigerant when in connection with a covered part(s) failure.
  • ELECTRICAL [MH] Alternator; starter; starter drive; starter solenoid; voltage regulator; distributor; manual hand-operated switches; ignition switch; windshield-wiper motor and washer pump; power-window motors and gears; power-seat motors, and dual battery paralleling switch.
  • ENGINE COOLING [MH] Water pump; radiator; cooling fan blades; fan clutch; hydraulic or electric fan motor; heater core; fan shroud and coolant recovery tank.
  • FUEL DELIVERY SYSTEM [MH] Fuel pump; fuel tanks; metal fuel lines; fuel injection pump; fuel injectors; fuel pressure regulator; auxiliary tank switch, and fuel lift pump.
  • WATER SYSTEMS [MH][TT] Hot water tank; burner assembly; thermostat; thermocouple; gas valve; electric ignition assembly; P.C. board; diesel/electric heating system; shower assembly; toilet; sink; holding tanks;
  • gate valves; water pump; faucets; traps; fittings, and water lines.
  • ROOF OR BASEMENT AIR CONDITIONING [MH][TT] Compressor; evaporator; condenser; capacitors; relays; thermostat; heat strips; expansion valve; control module and panel; reversing valve; ventilation fans and motors; blower fan and motor and P.C. board.
  • KITCHEN CENTER [MH][TT] Range/oven burner assembly; burner valves; refrigerator cooling unit; microwave; convection oven; thermostat; thermocouple; burner ignitor and P.C. board.
  • L.P. GAS SYSTEM ASSEMBLY [MH][TT] Gas regulators; gas tanks; gas valves; tank gauges; L.P. lines and fittings; emergency shut-off system; gas leak detector and carbon monoxide monitor.
  • HEATING SYSTEM [MH][TT] Furnace ignitor; burner assembly; gas valve; gas leak detector; thermostat; thermocouple; blower motor and P.C. board.
  • GENERATOR/POWER PLANT [MH][TT] All internally lubricated parts of the power plant engine, plus the alternator; starter; manually operated switches; voltage regulator; power converter-inverter; P.C. boards; fuel pump; hourmeter; power plant engine block and cylinder head if damaged as a result of an internally lubricated part.
  • LEVELING SYSTEM/SLIDE-OUT ROOMS/POWER STEPS [MH][TT] Factory-installed electric leveling jack, factory-installed hydraulic leveling jack cylinders, slide-out room motor(s), sliding entry-floor motor and power-step motor.
Additional Benefits

    [MH][TT] The deductible will be reduced by $50 if repairs are done by a Good Sam Certified Dealer.
    [MH][TT] Reimbursement for motels and meals up to $100 per day for a maximum of ten days if breakdown occurs away from your home. Maximum benefit: $1,000 per occurrence.
    [MH][TT] Payment or reimbursement for a service call, not to exceed $100 per breakdown, if the motor home/travel trailer cannot be transported to a licensed repair facility.
***Benefit not available in CA.