Good Sam Certified Pre-Owned RV Inspections

"Good Sam Seal"
When you see the "Good Sam Seal" on a pre-owned RV, you can be assured this dealership has carefully selected this vehicle for the Good Sam Certified Pre-Owned RV Program. To be deemed worthy of the "Good Sam Seal," these pre-owned RVs undergo a rigorous inspection.
Good Sam Certified Pre-Owned Inspection Checks
All RVs Inspected for the Following

LPG System
  • Complete LP Manometer Leak Test
  • LP Regulator to proper pressure & fill tanks
  • Safety Check bottles or tanks
  • Check LP leak detector system

  • Check all cooling moodes
  • Service burner and flue as needed

  • Test for proper heating and cycling
  • Clean and service Burner & Exhaust

Water Heater
  • Test and clean burner as needed

12 Volt Electrical
  • Test Converter/Inverter
  • Check exterior lights
  • Aux Battery - Specific gravity and Hydrometer reading
  • Average Reading

110 Volt Electrical
  • Test all 110 outlets
  • Check GFI outlets
  • Check transfer switch
  • Check shore cord

Fresh Water System
  • Test System for leaks
  • Test Pump for operation
  • Test toilet for operation
  • Fill Fresh water Tank
  • Test water heater by-pass
  • Fill water heater tank
  • Winterize if needed

Waste Water System
  • Fill main holding tank
  • Fill gray holding tank
  • Check sinks and drains
  • Check collector assembly

  • Test for proper operation and output

  • Test microwave operation
  • Test all stove burners and oven thermostats

Air Conditioner(s)
  • Test operation and cooling

Entry Step
  • Test entry step operation and safety

  • Test operation of the awnings

  • Test the operation of TV/VCR/DVD and CD/Radio for operation
Add the Following Inspections for All Trailers

  • Check tire pressure and tire condition

  • Check for damage to windows

Slide Out
  • Test operation of slide out
Add the Following Inspections for All Used Motorhomes

  • Test drive unit
  • Check all fluid levels and note condition
  • Full Service Oil Change
  • Check coolant tolerance and pressure test
  • Transmission
  • Differential
  • Power Steering
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Check wiper/washer operation
  • Check auto heat/cool
  • Inspect dash radio
  • Check tire pressure and tire condition
  • Inspect drive train (u-joints, motor mounts, etc.)
  • Inspect undercarriage for leaks or damage
  • Pull right wheels and inspect brake and note %
  • Check air filter
  • Inspect fuel filter
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Test steering operation
  • Test alternator for proper output

  • Check for damage to windshield

Slide Out
  • Test operation of slide out(s)

Roof Sealants
  • Check condition of sealants

Interior Lighting
  • Test all interior lights
For all Used High Line Motorhomes along with above the following are inspected

Entry Step
  • Step well covers

  • Test cruise control
  • Check air suspension
  • Exhaust brake
  • Back up camera

  • Check cabinet latches
  • Check door latches

  • Check the condition of roof vents/fans

  • Test operation