Lavender Breeze Porta-Pak Toss Ins

Lavender Breeze Porta-Pak Toss Ins

Easy drop-in dosing ends measuring and spills. Each water-soluble packet has a soothing, fresh lavender scent. Powerful formula breaks down waste and tissue and offers commercial-strength odor prevention. Ten formaldehyde-free packets in easy-to-store, resealable zipper bag. Use one packet per 40 gallon tank.

"I will definitely use Porta-Pak in the future. The convenient paks eliminate the potential of spilling the liquid or powder products. The packing is appealing to the eye and the ‘easy open & easy close slide zipper is really convenient. The lavender breeze Porta-Pak actually provides a very good deodorizing scent that many other products can’t provide."
---Roger Moreland - Valley Springs, CA

"The packaging was designed with a purpose of clearly describing the contents and its usage. A quick look at the front let’s one know that there are individual packets, just drop in and photos clearly indicate where it can be used. You only need to read for finer details. The size and type of printing easy to read which appreciated by this senior citizen. Fragrance reminds me of lilac and is of a level of intensity that does its job, but does not overwhelm or offend. Nothing can ruin a vacation or weekend camping trip on a hot summer day than a smelly holding tank that permeates through your coach. I can honestly say I currently using Walex Lavender Breeze and find it to be effective, convenient, and pleasing to use."
---Dennis Hood - Elgin, IL

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