Scrub-N Squeegee Windshield Washer

Scrub-N Squeegee Windshield Washer

The professional-grade Scrub-N-Squeegee Windshield Washer extends to clean motorhome and truck windshields and windows. Rust-resistant 10"W metal head has mesh-encased foam to safely scrub away bugs and debris. Plastic side guards protect glass surfaces from metal. Just flip it over to quickly and efficiently whisk away moisture with the flexible squeegee. Durable metal pole extends from 48" to 84" with just a twist.

"The microfiber mop did its job very well. I was particularly impressed by how well it removed built up dirt, bugs, and tree sap on both my truck and trailer. I even used it on my wheel wells. It did a great job. It removed the diesel exhaust buildup on my truck’s rear fender with east. The narrow edge on the mop head makes it easy to clean the seams in my truck grill and other tight places on my truck and trailer. Very little hand washing was required. I used the squeegee to remove excess water on all the flat surface of the truck and trailer. It made the final wipe down much quicker. I would and have recommended both products to my friends."
---Bob Guy - Tehachapi, CA

"I would highly recommend the microfiber wash mop and extension squeegee to all RVers. Both products performed very well and did better than I expected. They were very easy to use including the telescoping handle. The squeegee compared to the one I use did much better getting bugs off the windshield. The quality of both products is superb."
---Thomas Urso - Murphy, NC

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