Moldex Protectant

Moldex Protectant

Moldex Spray Protectant forms an invisible barrier that protects against the harmful effects of moisture damage. When applied properly, Moldex Protectant also provides a mold, mildew and algae-resistant film. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, this protectant is moisture resistant on most surfaces. Moldex Protectant is water based, dries clear, fast, and is easy to apply.

"The quality was excellent; it does what it says on the label. It was easy to use and it worked the first time. I would recommend Moldex for mold and odor in carpets, bathroom, or garage. My garage had a pipe break, the sink and wash machine water spilled into the garage. Moldex eliminated the odor and disinfected that area. The fragrance was pleasing and did not leave odor in the entire house."
---Joseph Crupie, Jr - Pittsburgh, PA

"When possible I look for environmental friendly products, but I have found a lot of them just don’t very well. Moldex Disinfectant exceeded my expectations. This product is better compared to other brands I have used and it won’t kill the lawn or shrubs if I use it outside. I tried it on one my toughest areas, the white molding on my fifth wheel (I guess that’s why they call it “molding”). It really did a nice job. It is very quick at removing mold. The fragrance is a good feature because I hate to smell like bleach or a strong cleaner after I use it."
---Robert Crist – Chapin, SC

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