JTB Power Solutions

JTB Power Solutions

Does your RV trip park breakers, limiting air conditioner or appliance use? The JTB Power Solution lets you run your 50 amp RV in a 30 amp park without tripping breakers so you can operate both your RV air conditioners at the same time from 30 amp park power. The JTB Power Solution is a power management tool that allows you to use the typical RV hook-up (30 amp main service with auxiliary 20 amp circuit or GFCI) to power appliances in your RV. The JTB Power Solution is automatic, so there are no switches or meters to monitor. Traditional “cheater boxes” will not work with your RV if the power pole has a GFCI outlet . The “cheater box” will cause the GFCI to trip every time--in just a matter of minutes--when both air conditioners are running.

"The JTB product has opened my eyes to its many applications that have resulted in a better use of the features of my 37’ Diesel Pusher 3 slide Safari Monoco RV. Even though most of the newer parks are equipped with 50 amp service, I had the occasion to visit 5 more parks and/or Fraternal Clubs on this trip that only offered a 30 amp and 20/15/ amp 110 service. I found the JTB to work easily and properly. It lets you use your coach’s features as expected without fear of being uncomfortable or in danger of electrical over load. It opens the use of your RV to about any park, whether it be government run or just one of the first in existence if the situation presents itself. We found that our RV in those under powered parks ended up the gathering point for our nightly card games because we offered the “coolest alternative”."
---Kerry & Linda Shaw – Corona, CA

"Before I installed the JTB, it took strategic planning to manage the electrical appliances. Many times it required turning off the AC so my wife could dry her hair or turn off the AC to run the microwave. I can’t begin to count how many times breakers were blown when trying to cook breakfast outside using an electric skillet. Managing our appliances brought so much frustration to our camping experience. Since I installed the JTB, my wife and I go camping more and I don’t have to constantly monitor the use of our appliances. The installation was simple and completed in three hours. This the BEST add on I have bought for my RV!!"
---James & Paula Jackson – Farmersville, TX

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