Green Hornet

Green Hornet

GREEN HORNET is an industrial strength super concentrate cleaner/degreaser. Save time and money with this multi-dilution ratio product eliminating the need for single-purpose cleaning products. GREEN HORNET is biodegradable, non- abrasive, non-flammable, and phosphate free.

"Green Hornet performs so much better than the product I was using, I will be buying Green Hornet from now. It is really great quality. The dilution chart is right now. The price is great because it works so good on everything. My wife used Green Hornet in our motorhomes shower/tub to remove the soap scum. She loved it, less scrubbing better results over the bleach she did use. I have already told my friend to be on the lookout for this product."
---Patrick Wells - Eugene, OR

"Green Hornet worked very well and faster compared to my current products I use. The black streaks on the trailer came right off and it worked well on the rubber roof also. The price is good especially when you cut it down. I bought 5 spray bottles and cut product as in directions of 16 ounces. You could do this 2 more time so cost would be less than $1.00. I will be using this product again!"
---Jack & Donna Shirley - Vandalia, OH

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