Battery Tender Plus

Battery Tender Plus

Microprocessor-controlled 1.25-amp Battery Tender Plus will charge as fast as or faster than any 3-amp charger available, and will keep battery fully charged so that it is ready to go when you are! Fully charge lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance-free batteries, including AGM and gel cell batteries, and maintain them at the proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by most trickle chargers--especially sulfation, the number one cause of battery failure.

"My wife has small hands and she was able to grasp the clamps without strain or difficulty. I was very satisfied with the performance of the Battery Tender Plus. The size does not take up much space, doesn’t require a lot of time to perform and easy to place clamps on terminals. The indicator lights are clear and distinguishable. For such a small item the time it takes to complete the job is remarkable. I definitely plan to purchase or have my sister purchase for her RV."
---Patrick King – Fayetteville, NC

"The Battery Tender Plus is easy to use, and does what’s needed to effectively maintain a battery for an extended period of time. I found it to be excellent quality. I decided to give it a real test. I have a battery for a garden tractor that I have to remember to periodically charge during the winter. It often gets quite low. I tested it and found that it was dead. I hooked up the Battery Tender Plus and it was able to bring it to a full charger overnight. The Battery Tender Plus is a sage, effective way to maintain a battery during the off season or anytime."
---Albert Skinner – Kingston, MO

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