Gleen Green Cleaning Cloth

Gleen Green Cleaning Cloth

Gleen Cleaning Cloth is the natural choice for chemical-free, streak-free cleaning of windows and other surfaces. Gleen combined with the power of water safely and effectively cleans hundreds of surfaces in your home and RV. The 16" x 16" cloth effortlessly cleans windows, mirrors, granite, stainless steel, ceramic, chrome, plastic, vinyl, marble, acrylic, leather, wood, fiberglass, porcelain, aluminum and more with only water, leaving a streak-free gleam on every surface.

"The quality of the Gleen cloth was good. It didn’t fall apart and was easy to ring out the water. I used the cloth in several ways. It easily attached to my Swiffer and worked well also. I used on mirrors, TV screens, marble, wood (end tables, doors, and floors) and ceramic tile. This was used in my house that was closed for several months. So the dust was big time. I would recommend the Gleen Green Cleaning cloth to friends. I plan on telling friends on Facebook about my test."
---Marianne Samarich, Romeo, Michigan

"I was very satisfied with performance and results of the Gleen Green Cleaning Cloth. It was hard to believe how dirty the cloth got, but how easy the dirt rinsed out. I cannot get the RV screens clean without a big hassle, but Gleen cloth was an answer to a 24 year problem. I think it’s worth every penny of the price."
---Donald Fabini, Lillian, Alabama

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