Dometic Portable Refrigerator-Freezer

Dometic Portable Refrigerator-Freezer

Versatile refrigerator/freezers add extra cold food storage to your RV. High-insulating, solid wall cabinet design gives you up to 33% more food storage space than similar models. Switch from refrigerator to freezer with one touch of the digital electronic controls with LED indicators. Refrigerate or freeze to 0°F on 12/24-volt DC or 110/120-volt AC.

"I’m very satisfied with the functionality of the CF-35 model. Worked just the way it should right out of the box. The handles were easy to install and the allen wrench required was included. The removable lid fits perfectly and latches tightly. Overall it’s a well made, top quality product."
---Jerry Koop, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I would definitely recommend the Dometic Freezer/Refrigerator Box to friends. It is a good quality piece of equipment which exceeded my expectations having found other such products in the past to be either too bulky or unable to reach sufficiently low temperature regardless of the outside ambient temperature. It performs flawlessly. It’s noiseless and provides a good amount of internal space compared to its overall size."
---Craig Meldrum, Cummings, Georgia

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