AquaCharge Rechargeable Portable Utility Pump

AquaCharge Rechargeable Portable Utility Pump

Portable, rechargeable, submersible pump is useful on your boat, in your RV or at home. Pumps up to 200 gallons of fresh or salt water on a single chargeā€”up to 50 gallons in less than 10 minutes! Industry-standard connections accommodate the included 8' hose or any standard garden hose. Removable filter for quick, easy cleaning. Long-life NiMH battery recharges on 110-volt household current or via your boat or RV 12-volt electrical system.

"I'm very surprised the amount of water the AquaCharge moved. I topped off my water tank in about ten minutes. I do some dry camping and I thought I it would be so much easier to put water in my tank than having to hold up gallon jugs to pour into my small filler opening. I just pump from one container on ground level into my water tank. I'm very amazed of amount of water moved for the size of the unit."
---Keith Frary, Bonita, California

"The instruction manual was very easy to read, supported by plenty of diagrams. All the charging lights worked very well and product parts fit together very easily. There was no kinking or binding of parts at all. I'm satisfied with the product's performance and desgin. It pumped at 5gpm, both with hose level and with the hose elevated. Strainer was very easy to take off and reinstall. The AquaCharge was actually stronger than I first thought it would be. I have already talked to a friend about using it to drain his fish tank."
---Sherry Griffin, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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