Rhino Extreme Sewer Hose Kit

Rhino Extreme Sewer Hose Kit

Won’t crush, even if you accidentally step on it. Superior abrasion resistance for maximum protection against pinholes and leaks. Will not dent or rust. Tested to -40ºF. Comes with pre-attached Rhino swivel fittings, 4-in-1 elbow, reusable locking rings and storage caps. Stores in 4" bumpers.

"The Rhino Extreme sewer hose is one of the best I have used and seen and I have been an RVer for 38 years. The 15’ hose is just right for all the campgrounds I have been to. I had a 10’ hose it was to short and the 20’ hose was over kill. When you drain the holding tank the old hose acts like a snake, twist and bends. With the Rhino Extreme the swivels move, not the hose. Both ends of the Rhino Extreme sewer hose connect with locks not just slides into the hose. Also no hose clamps to get hooked on everything."
---Don Mathewson, Cheyenne, Wyoming

"I would recommend the Rhino Extreme sewer hose to my family and friends. The connections are easy to use because it comes apart; is like a universal screw to black water tank. The hose can be easily adjusted for proper length and the swivel fittings work fine any direction. We enjoy using a good quality product that is reasonably priced, easy to use and does not create any problems."
---Walter Breaux, Youngsville, Louisiana

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