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Need some RV technical advice or a solution to an RV problem? Good Sam is here to help. Find tried-and-true advice on variety of tech topics ― how to properly care for your RV, easy fixes for common technical issues, winterization tips, and more ― from Good Sam, the expert on everything RV since 1966!

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Lifestyle Tech Tip—Litter on the Loose

Anyone who travels with cats has to find a place in the RV for a litter pan. We found that the cat litter often was thrown out of the litter pan—even though our pan has high sides.So we bought a new storage container that our litter pan would fit into exactly, which made the new ...

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Featured Member Tip

Rotted floor (question)

Difficulty/Complexity Level: Tools Needed: Directions/Tip: I'm replacing the floor inside the fwd storage compartment, instead of putting luan back down I'm putting in treated plywood. The question is what type of adhesive can I used that won't...

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This Month's Featured RV How-To Video

Widescreen and flat panel TVs have become the standard, suddenly making many of the “entertainment centers” in our RVs outdated. In this month’s featured how-to video, we’ll show you options for how to reclaim an outdated TV space by adding a cabinet door to transform that space into a storage cabinet. For more RV how-to videos, and to learn more about the annual Full-Access™ Video Membership, visit TrailerLife.TV/Join.

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