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Need some RV technical advice or a solution to an RV problem? Good Sam is here to help. Find tried-and-true advice on variety of tech topics ― how to properly care for your RV, easy fixes for common technical issues, winterization tips, and more ― from Good Sam, the expert on everything RV since 1966!

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Prepping for a Snowbird Trip

First in a series on snowbird travel. So you’ve planned to hit the Sun Belt to avoid the cold winter weather.  Even if you’ve got your RV all packed up and ready to go, you need to attend to your other dwelling—your house. Leaving your regular home for extended periods of time raises unique issues ...

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Jayco- Dexter Axles

Difficulty/Complexity Level: Be cautious as Jayco only offers 7000# axles for all of their 5th wheels. RV experts such as Conibear RV in Lakeland, FL say that this is inadequate. Also, Jayco does not offer a disc brake option or 17.5" wheels w/ "H" r...

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