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Need some RV technical advice or a solution to an RV problem? Good Sam is here to help. Find tried-and-true advice on variety of tech topics ― how to properly care for your RV, easy fixes for common technical issues, winterization tips, and more ― from Good Sam, the expert on everything RV since 1966!

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Tip for RVers: Backsplash Protection

After purchasing a new trailer, I realized it needed a backsplash for the island sink in the kitchen. I purchased a 2 x 2-inch oak board and cut it to fit the sink. Next I cut a 1-inch-deep groove down the center, wide enough to accommodate a piece of plexiglass. I then stained and sealed ...

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This is a Problem

Difficulty/Complexity Level: Tools Needed: Directions/Tip:I have a 1985 pinnacle with a 454 Chevy engine the blower for the heater does not work need wiring diagram to trace the problem but can't seem to find any. anyone have one or know where ...

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