Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Fuel Discounts
What are the savings with the Swipe & Save membership card?
  • Gas & Diesel (U.S.): save 3¢ per gallon
  • Gas & Diesel (Canada): save 1¢ per liter
  • Propane: save 5¢ per gallon
  • Waste Dump: save $2.50 (off $10 fee)
  • Special pricing & deals in Pilot and Flying J retail stores & restaurants
What form of payment can I use?
Use your own form of payment in conjunction with the new Swipe & Save card & receive discounts at the pump! The 3¢ discount will come off the cash or credit price, depending on what form of payment you use (cash/credit price in truck lanes only).
Does it work at truck diesel lanes?
You will need to come inside, scan your Swipe & Save membership card, and prepay in order to use at the truck lanes. You will NOT need to come inside using the RV or auto lanes. The 3¢ discount at the truck diesel lanes will be off the cash or credit price depending on how you pay.
How do I receive my discount?
Follow the prompts at the pump: If using the RV or the auto lanes, simply swipe your credit card then swipe your Good Sam Club membership card when it asks for a loyalty card. You will see the price at the pump decrease. If using the truck lanes, you need to go inside to swipe your form of payment, then, when prompted for a loyalty card, swipe your Good Sam Club membership card to see your savings!
Does the card offer the “start the pump” feature?
No. You will need to prepay in the truck lanes.
Does the discount apply to any volume of fuel?
Yes, the discount applies to any volume of fuel you are purchasing.
Do all Pilot and Flying J locations offer RV lanes?
Almost all Flying J locations offer RV lanes. About 40 Pilot locations offer RV lanes. As Pilot Flying J builds new locations, they will also have RV lanes and other RV amenities such as waste dumps and bulk propane.
Why is this benefit only available at “select” Pilot and Flying J locations?
We say "select locations" for 2 reasons:

1. The state of Wisconsin does not allow fuel discounts due to state law.

2. Pilot Flying J has "dealer" locations, which are locations they do not own. As such, these locations can choose to "opt out" of the discount programs. Dealer locations are only required to give the discount for diesel at the truck diesel lanes and only for transactions started at the pump. Dealer locations do not offer discounts on gasoline and do not accept the cards in store. All of the approximately 100 dealer locations are denoted in the Pilot Flying J mobile app.

Why does the pump cut off based on the credit card I'm using for payment?
The credit card companies set limits to the stations as to what they’ll reimburse for any fraud transactions. The stations, in turn, set a pump cut off limit due to these credit card company fraud reimbursement regulations. Individual stations can set their own pump cut off limit based on the amount of loss risk they’re willing to take in relation to the credit card companies fraud reimbursement limit (avg. is $75).

For example: if a station sets a $125 limit and customer pumps $125 in gas, if the charge is disputed/determined fraud the credit card company will only reimburse the station up to its maximum preset fraud reimbursement limit (currently $75 for Visa & MasterCard). The station takes a $50 loss on the transaction because they opted to set a pump cut off higher than the standard credit card company fraud reimbursement limit.

This allows the credit card companies to be able to tell their card holders that they aren’t setting a pump cut off limit on your card. True, they aren’t setting a limit to the card holder. They are setting the limit to the station.

Below lists pump cut off limits at company owned stores (not dealer locations):

AUTO LANE Pump Cut Off Limits:
  • Visa (credit/debit): $150
  • MasterCard (credit): $100
  • MasterCard (debit): $75
  • Discover: $75
  • Amex: $100

RV LANE Pump Cut Off Limits:
  • Visa (credit/debit): $495
  • MasterCard (credit): $100
  • MasterCard (debit): $75
  • Discover: $75
  • Amex: $100
What is the status of the Pilot Flying J RV MyRewards card?
The former RV Real Value, RV Frequent Fueler Advantage, and RV MyRewards cards will no longer be issued by Pilot Flying J. Going forward, the only way to receive fuel discounts at Pilot Flying J will be through joining Good Sam Club and using either the new Swipe & Save Good Sam Club Membership card or applying for the Pilot Flying J RV Plus Charge Card. Note that Professional driver MyRewards loyalty cards will continue to be issued to professional truck drivers only.
Why am I seeing a "please see cashier" message at the pump?
When using the Swipe & Save card with your personal debit/credit card, first swipe your debit/credit card at the pump. The pump will prompt you to insert your loyalty card--this is when you use your Swipe & Save Good Sam Club membership card. If you use the Swipe & Save card first, the pump will present a "Please see cashier" message.