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Taste the Ukraine in Saskatchewan

Total Mileage/Average drive time
169 miles, 2 hours, 55 minutes

Saskatchewan is home to vibrant Ukrainian communities. Experience their rich, diverse culture when visiting local towns and at numerous delightful festivals held throughout the year that feature traditional music, fast-paced dancing and tantalizing food.

1. Regina - Starting Point
Ethnic grocery stores are plentiful in Regina, but the Ukrainian Co-Op is a cultural landmark in the city. Experience the ultimate in traditional Ukrainian food; you'll delight in the campfire aromas emitting from the tall smokestacks outside the store where they smoke the meats. Inside, the peppery yet garlicky smell of kielbasa and over 100 types of sausages will make your mouth water in anticipation. The wide selection of specialty meats is considered the best in the country; this is a true feast for the senses.

2. Saskatoon - 54 miles, 53 minutes
Head north to the largest city in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, where ethnic culture, language and traditions thrive. Explore the Ukrainian Museum of Canada and visit local shops for Ukrainian Easter eggs, textiles, cookbooks and music. Ukrainian Day in the Park is a public festival held each August featuring traditional music, colorful dancers, beer gardens, extraordinary foods and cultural displays. It's a celebration that pays tribute to the flourishing Ukrainian heritage.

3. Prince Albert - 28 miles, 30 minutes
Prince Albert offers a wonderful cultural ambience where the Ukrainian traditions are upheld and passed on to future generations. And that is pleasantly apparent during the annual Ukrainian Dance Festival, held every April. Celebrate the heritage of the Ukrainian people with singing, dancing, traditional music and cuisine. Sample pirogues, borscht (beet soup) and holubts (cabbage rolls) while enjoying the pageantry of a proud and compelling culture.