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Sierra Vista

Hummingbirds, history and winemakers mingle in this Southern Arizona destination gem

Located about an hour south of Tucson and a stone's throw away from Mexico is a beautiful area that has seen Apache raids, Mexican Conquistadors, a U.S. Military installation and is the Hummingbird capital of the nation. If you're looking for a place that will keep you occupied for weeks with hiking and biking and even winery tours, then you need to start planning your next trip for Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Once you settle in and explore the area, you'll quickly find out why so many RV travelers extend their visits here.

Fort Huachuca
Before Sierra Vista was a town it was a fort. In fact, the fort is still there and is now an active United States Army post. Fort Huachuca was one of a chain of forts built along the southern Arizona border to guard against the Chiricahua Apaches, led by Geronimo. The fort was built in 1877 and was headquarters to the famed 10th Cavalry known as the "Buffalo Soldiers" who were an elite African American cavalry corps.

Today the Army post covers about 70,000 acres outside of Sierra Vista, and 110 of those acres are open to visitors. Come explore the Old Post where you'll find the Old Post Barracks, the Old Post Hospital and the Fort Huachuca Museum that is open 9 to 4 on the weekdays and 9 to 1 on weekends. Admission is free but there is a donation box.

Sierra Vista is referred to as the Hummingbird capital of the United States because at various times throughout the year bird enthusiasts can spot up to 23 species of Hummingbirds passing through the area.

Sierra Vista is in the perfect area to spot not only these fast little creatures but also many other feathered friends. Folks who have been watching and counting the birds in the area credit the abundance of feathers to a few reasons: The proximity to Mexico, the South American Migratory path, and the diverse landscape of the area. You can go from the river where you'll find vireos, warblers and finches to the tops of the mountains (9,000 feet above sea level) where you'll see the majestic hawks, kites, owls and woodpeckers.

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