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Meteor Crater/Winslow

Find out what a giant meteor and the Eagles' first chart-topping radio hit have in common

A gigantic rock hurtles through space toward Earth at a mind-boggling 26,000 miles per hour. When it finally reaches the atmosphere, a white-hot ball of fire lights up the sky as it burns its way to the ground. When it hits, the shattering impact leaves a crater over 500 feet deep, nearly a mile across and over three miles in circumference. The collision rocks the ground with the force of 20 million tons of TNT.

This isn't the scene out of a sci-fi movie. The incident happened 50,000 years ago in the heart of the American Southwest. Today, it's the best-preserved meteor crater on Earth. You've just landed on Meteor Crater, Arizona.

The crater can be found just 25 miles east of Winslow, Arizona, a small town that has a rich history of its own. Centrally located to a number of other big Arizona attractions, including Grand Canyon National Park and the Navajo and Hopi Nations, Meteor Crater gives amateur geologists, astronomers and sci-fi fans a vacation like no other.

Perched on the crater's rim, the amazing visitor center gives you stunning views of the crater. An impressive array of exhibits shed light on the crater's formation, as well as the causes and impacts of meteors.

Winslow, Arizona
After you've finished exploring the Meteor Crater, take a short drive to Winslow. The name might sound familiar to anyone listening to FM radio in the '70s or bought records by the popular rock group, the Eagles. The band's first hit single, "Take it Easy," includes the lines, "Standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona/Such a fine sight to see/It's a girl my Lord in flatbed Ford/Slowin' down to take a look at me."

As the song climbed the charts, people came to Winslow in search of the corner, so the city designated 2nd Street and Campbell as the location of Standin' on the Corner Park. Sculptor Ron Adamson cast a bronze sculpture of a young man in blue jeans and boots holding a guitar. Artist John Pugh painted a mural depicting the girl behind the wheel of the aforementioned Ford truck.

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