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Good Sam Club members volunteer thousands of hours annually to help the community, participate in road cleanups, organize park beautification projects and provide assistance to fellow members. Explore the Club’s many volunteer opportunities.

Paying It Forward: Casa Del Sols Sams give back in their community

Fifty-six RVing friends make up the Casa Del Sol Sams chapter of Texas' Rio Grande Valley. Members share a love of RVing, but that's just the beginning. They give back through volunteer service and helping others in need, from providing a medical-equipment bank with loaner crutches to sponsoring an annual fundraiser for a Texas State Veterans Home.

Last year the chapter gave a helping hand to a local family that lost everything in a house fire. Members met the family's immediate needs, providing food, supplies and clothing—including school uniforms—and contributing money to purchase beds and other home furnishings. "We help others not to receive recognition," says Chapter President Jack Cook, "but because it is the nature of those who personify the principles of Good Sam.

"If you aren't a member of a Good Sam chapter, you're missing out on a chance to make friends and make a difference. Find out more about Good Sam Chapters.

Good Sam Club members have always had a soft spot for dogs, and it’s not uncommon to find our four-legged companions riding up front in the family RV. Thirty-four years ago, Good Sam members’ collective canine affection prompted us to partner with Dogs for the Deaf, a startup nonprofit with a mission of rescuing dogs and helping people. Since then, Good Sam chapters have gone all out to support what’s now North America’s oldest and largest Hearing Dog institution.

Over the years, chapters have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this favored charity. These contributions and those of other supporters allow Dogs for the Deaf to spare the lives of shelter dogs, train them and place them free of charge with people with physical and emotional challenges. The organization also trains dogs for working professionals to assist them with disabled students, patients and clients.

Each year Dogs for the Deaf recognizes Good Sam’s positive impact by recognizing fundraising chapters. Dogs for the Deaf’s State of Honor awards recognized cumulative chapter donations in the top five states: Washington ($12,538), Oregon ($12,261), Southern California ($8,736), Northern California ($8,213) and Texas ($4,584).

Plus, nineteen individual chapters donating $1,000 or more in 2013 are recognized:

Sam's Radio Hams, Southern California: $6,752
Happy Hobos, Northern California: $3,004
Three Rivers Sams, Washington: $2,800
Polk About Sams, Oregon: $2,506
Foxchase Sams, Virginia: $1,804
Payette Rovers, Idaho: $1,500
Caldwell Ramblers, Idaho: $1,345
Skagit Sams, Washington: $1,338
Tsunami Sams, Northern California: $1,501
Logan Valley Sams, Nebraska: $1,215
Trail Dusters, Oregon: $1,148
The 79ers, Oregon: $1,143
Norwega Sams, Georgia: $1,100
Good Sam Seahorses, Florida: $1,000
Prairie State Sams, Illinois: $1,000
Blue Mountain Sams, Pennsylvania: $1,000
Get Along Sams, Washington: $1,000
Tired and Retired Sams, Washington: $1,000
Cranberry Country Cruisers, Wisconsin: $1,000

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Dogs for the Deaf.

The 19th annual Good Sam Club Cleanup Days took place on May 17 & 18, 2014. Chapters across the nation selected a campground, park, or other public land and picked up branches and trash to help prepare for camping season.

As part of Cleanup Days, Chapters that collected 10 or more bags of trash were eligible to enter a drawing where the participating members of the winning Chapter received a $25 Camping World Merchandise Certificate! The winning Chapter was the Cave Country Sams from Bowling Green, KY.

Congratulations to the Cave Country Sams! Check back in early 2015 for details on the 20th annual Cleanup Days event in 2015! For more information about our annual Cleanup Days, please contact your Chapter president, State or Provincial Director or email CleanupDays@GoodSamClub.com.

Good Sam Cleanup Days is sponsored by the Good Sam Club and Camping World, America's largest retailer of recreational vehicles and RV supplies and services.