Parking Rights For City Of Peoria Parking Fines

City Of Peoria Parking Fines

Peoria, Arizona

City updates parking rules: HOA parking bill fails in House
By Julie Anne Conolly, Independent Newspapers

Peoria homeowners with trailers parked in front of your house, beware — fines could be on the way.

Peoria’s City Council voted last week to approve amending the city’s parking code, including new rules on trailers and commercial trucks.

“We’ve had a couple of different issues of parking that have come up,” said City Attorney Steve Ellis. “When that happens, we will periodically go back and update the city code.”

Peoria does not allow for the parking of recreational vehicles on city streets, except for the purposes of loading and unloading.

Mr. Kemp said people were leaving their trailers on the streets, believing they did not fall under the city code because they were not a vehicle.

“State law doesn’t cover trailers, it identifies trailers and recreational vehicles as two different things,” Mr. Kemp said. “So we had to make sure we cover both in the city code.”

Street parking has been the subject of numerous debates in Arizona and Peoria this year.

The Arizona House of Representatives rejected last week Senate Bill 1360, which would have prohibited homeowners associations from regulating city-owned streets.

Pat Haruff, president of the Coalition for Homeowners Rights, favored the bill.

“It’s ridiculous,” Ms. Haruff said in an interview prior to the vote. “I pay taxes to my city for the streets, and I should have to follow their rules.”

She argued HOA dues allow the association governance over common areas and even aesthetics of the home, but not public city streets.

SB 1360 passed overwhelmingly, by a vote of 27-1, but failed to make it out of the House’s Homeland Security and Property Rights Committee. The rejection vote in the committee was 5-4, something Ms. Haruff has found frustrating in previous legislation.

“It is just strange that so few people get to kill a bill that so many people were overwhelmingly in favor of,” Ms. Haruff said. “Why not let them go to the House so everyone can vote?”

Most HOAs do have regulations regarding parking on streets.

In Parkridge, near Beardsley Road and 99th Avenue, board members decided in December to clarify their parking policy.

The HOA’s December Newsletter stated it was a hot issue for residents.

“R.V. campers and utility trailers is the topic the management company receives the most complaints on,” the newsletter stated.

The HOA rules allow recreational vehicles to park, per city code, on streets for loading and unloading purposes only. The board decided to limit the unload/load time to 24-hours and now requires residents to complete permits before parking their recreational vehicles in Parkridge.

The permits are available at

Mr. Kemp said Peoria does not allow vehicles to park on the street for more than 48 hours.

“They can park in front of their homes, but they have to make sure they drive it at some point in the two days or they could get a traffic citation,” Mr. Kemp said.

Ventana Lakes resident Bob Waggener said recreational vehicle parking is not allowed on streets in the association. The property owner association’s rules state it is its intent to restrict street parking as much as possible.

“The rule to prohibit street parking is very good,” Mr. Waggoner said.

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