Good Sam Rallies & Shows

Polar Bear Migration Tour

Start: September 29, 2013
End: October 13, 2013
Type: RV Caravans
Location: Dunseth, ND

Event Description

Imagine staring into the ebony eyes of a 1,300-pound wild polar bear, an experience few humans will ever have. In Churchill you can closely view and photograph these awe inspiring bears from the comfort and safety of Fantasy’s privately chartered Tundra Buggy. The highlight of your trip will undoubtedly be an amazing close-up encounter with the bears and their cubs. Fantasy’s once in a lifetime adventure will escort you by RV caravan from the International Peace Gardens, North Dakota, to Thompson Manitoba, then an overnight excursion riding the Polar Bear Express Train to Churchill. Returning from Churchill, the train takes you back to Thompson, where you’ll enjoy the remainder of your adventure in your home on wheels. On the tundra at Hudson Bay, you will witness the migration of these mighty creatures. Few people will ever have this awesome experience. You will come back with bragging rights equal to those of well-known travel writers and national TV videographers. This adventure is on everyone’s bucket list…get ready to check it off! Read articles, watch videos and share your comments on our Blog. Starts at International Peace Garden, Dunselth, ND, and Ends in Winnipeg, MB. Total Driving Miles - 1,148.


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