Good Sam Rallies & Shows

Australia & New Zealand by RV

Start: March 30, 2013
End: April 19, 2013
Type: RV Caravans
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Event Description

New Zealand is a land of wonders. Imagine snow-capped peaks, sunny beaches, lush rainforests, raging waterfalls, massive glaciers, and smoking volcanoes. New Zealand’s North and South islands offer RVers an amazing variety of terrain. The harmonious intermingling of the diverse Maori (Polynesian) and European cultures has created a unique society of wonderful, friendly, good-natured people. You just can’t help but have a great time in New Zealand. Just across the Tasman Sea lies Australia. The Land Down Under is filled with the unexpected! Scientists say that the world’s continents were once part of one giant land mass. Australia became separated from it 200 million years ago, thus allowing its plants and animals to develop differently from any other place on Earth. You’ll come face to face with Kangaroos and Koalas. Have an opportunity to hold a wombat or laugh at the antics of the thieving Kookaburras. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef, harbors a wealth of rare underwater creatures and creates glittering coral islands rising above the sea. Exotic flowers, rare birds and peculiar animals color the countryside, which varies from desert to rainforest, mountains to beaches. From oceans to “outback”, Aussies to Aborigines, Koalas to Kangaroos — Australia’s extensive east coast offers a wide spectrum of culture, wildlife and landscape. It’s the best of exotic sightseeing. Fantasy provides RVers the ideal opportunity to experience the incomparable beauty and diversity of Australia and New Zealand on this grand tour to “Kiwi” Land and the “Land Down Under.”


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