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My equipment I will take along. Starting with our vehicle. I am in the market for buying a conversion van, with tent and eventually a trailer. The specifics of recomending brand names and durabilities.

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Love M. L. D. Payne

Music is my passion and cars are an interest. When I was young I liked the Ford Mustang. Now they're obslete. Really, it does not make any sense to buy one for myself or for anyone else, whatever. Currently, I am home schooling for a locksmith. It will be mobile servicing those on the road. But I will stop at a camp or I will pull off the road with other campers for an overnight sleep. This was the way we did it in the family the sixties. One thing my dad taught us was to camp on the trip pulling over with others when we didn't have the time to camp at a camp ground unless it was where we initially going to go. The prices were high. We also went arround toll bridges and roads. Right now I am in the market for a conversion van keeping the four captain chairs and turn the back of the van in my office and work bench, keeping it clean. I also will be carrying a tent. I cannot pitch a tent on the side of the road but by the time I purchase the van I will and am in the market for a travel trailer. My vehicles will pay me. But the economy went south.